Express Print is easy to handle, affordable and eye-catching, which is why they are one of the most common tools for marketing campaigns. When it comes to organizing a special event such as a sale, music concert or perhaps even a store opening, one thing you must be sure to do is make people aware of it. The best way to do this is with well-designed and high-quality flyer printing.One of the big benefits of using flyers to promote your business is their tangible nature. The fact that your customers will physically be holding your flyers means that they have already made somewhat of a connection to your brand in that first moment. The quality of your flyer printing can have a huge impact on whether or not your customer decides to read on to find out more information.This is why Express Print’s printing services are so popular. From poster printing to flyers printing, we offer you incredibly low prices for high-quality prints! Check out Express Print’s range of different configurations for you and print flyers that are just right for your next business move. Did we mention the best part? We deliver anywhere in South Africa, even all the way to Cape Town. Our standard fast delivery option for our flyers is completely free!

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