Express Print is a newly established innovative online printing firm in South Africa, offering tangible offline marketing material for businesses of all sizes. Our vision is to completely revolutionize offline marketing in South Africa. Through our efficient sales platform and optimized production, we can offer a broad portfolio of products at good quality while beating market prices by up to 50%.

We distinguish ourselves from competitors by providing full transparency. You can easily access all product combinations on our website thanks to a revolutionary custom array that calculates prices in real time. This provides users with total control of the product and helps companies achieve their budget.

In addition, offering an online solution for prepress eliminates defects while giving the user a quick, efficient and hassle free experience. We invite you to customize your products and experience our online solution. Thanks to this efficient system, Express Print customers can always achieve cost savings while purchasing high quality products.

Bringing your creative ideas to life is what we do best

We can advise on every aspect of your business's requirements, from developing a new branding identity or business stationery suite, to developing your next marketing campaign, creating large banners or posters, and designing your annual report

Brochures & Booklets

Illustrate who you are and tell your story. Showcase your business, products, and services with Express Print’s brochures. A brochure and/or booklet is a very convenient way to present your information to your audience. Printed brochures are one of the most impactful, versatile and value-for-money tools a business can use. Brochures are a great way to fit a lot of information into a minimal amount of space. Express Print offers professional design and printing services for your brochure printing. We print at competitive prices with absolutely no compromise on the finish, durability and overall quality of the product. A custom brochure or booklet with the right finishing touches and quality will promote your brand positively before a single word has been read. Whether you are on a sales pitch or presenting to your employees, your brand will be memorable with the help of our brochures (and a beautiful brochure design). The best part? We deliver for free all across South Africa!

Next Day Business Cards

Networking is about making genuine connections. Sending contact information via text or email on the spot is convenient, but also extremely impersonal. Custom business cards are still one of the best ways to make great first impressions with your prospective clients. Remember – the best business relationships begin with a good first impression. The actual value of a business card is often underestimated because of how long they have been part of marketing culture. Yet these small format cards are your best opportunity to make people remember you and your business. Memorable custom business cards do a lot more than just pass on an email address or phone number. Showing that you are prepared at all times is a great indicator that you are professional. Business cards printing remains the fastest and easiest way to share business contact information with other business people, prospective customers and clients. Express Print’s business card printing is world-class. Our prices are unbeatable and easily affordable, and our standard delivery is completely free. Our expert customer care agents will help you with anything you’re uncertain of. Not to mention, if you need a design done, we can provide that too. Just use the design services tab when placing your order and follow the easy prompts.

Next Day Pull Up Banners

Pull up banners are an extremely useful large format marketing tool. They can be used for businesses of any size. A pull up banner is the perfect high impact portable branding solution for a variety of situations. This includes trade shows, exhibitions, presentations, conferences, retail displays and more. The Express Print’s pull-up banner is multi-purpose and conveys your brand message clearly at a low cost. Iit is dismantled and packed away with ease. Our pull up banner is the best South African banner you will find. These banners are also referred to as a roll up banner. Our banners come with a convenient protective carry bag for the full banner stand. This makes the banner easily portable and efficient because it occupies minimal floor space. Express Print’s pull up banner printing is done on high-quality PVC material which is durable and stylish! The high-resolution print is kept rolled-up in the base, along with the banner stand. The stand is a spring-loaded roll up mechanism, which is very efficient and easy to use.

Corporate Stationery Design

As a leading innovator within the print industry, Express Print introduced digital printing to South Africa back in the 1960’s. This revolution changed the face of production, cost, speed and quality of print jobs. Express Print‘s state-of-the-art digital printing technology produces sharp black lines and vibrant colours. Our digital presses are equipped to handle most paper sizes and weights.

Special Event design

From high-volume retail catalogues to full-colour glossy magazines, Express Print can manage all of your off-set printing needs. Offset printing is the most common printing technique for commercial quantities, as the technology allows large volumes to be printed quickly without any variation to colour or ink density. The end result is a consistent, high-quality image with rich, dense tones.

Website & eMarketing Design

The clever use of colour really makes your print materials – and business – stand out! As your local experts, Express Print can help you choose the right solution for your colour print job. Express Print has taken great care to source the best inks in the industry for a wide range of applications. The selection of paper also affects the quality of the final product. Your local Express Print expert will guide you as to the most suitable paper stock for your job.

We're the business print specialists

At Express Print, we have 10 years experience in the print industry, building a reputation for fast, personalised service and high quality print and design. Our print facilities, design skills and service levels have helped thousands of businesses grow. And with Centres across the country, you have access to a print specialist close to you.

Fast, friendly service & professional advice always at hand.

As leaders in sign fabrication, SA Sign Shop we cater to a range of signage needs and personal styles. From classic and contemporary house signs to modern, professional office and business signage, our collection is as vast as our customers’ requirements. Our selection of signage is designed to stay stylish while standing up to all seasons. We use only the best materials – acrylic, wood, slate and aluminium, so you can tailor your tastes to signage needs. Each product is laser cut, flawlessly crafted and 100% weather proofed in-house with dedicated care and attention. The SA Sign Shop’s brand new online shop makes it even easier for you to customise and order your sign in minutes. Our gorgeous signs make the perfect gift and keepsake so whether you’ve just moved house or started a new business, celebrate and commemorate with South Africa Sign Shop. Customise with your house, family or business name, and even pick the colour of your choice. Something special for someone special.

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