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Custom Event Signage

Experienced event planners know just how essential it is to establish an event aesthetic that attendees will be drawn to. The variety of signage options available today provides all of the tools needed to build an attractive event space that will impress attendees and make them see your company in a positive light. With all of the options to choose from, it’s important for event planners to be aware of all the signage types and the benefits they can give to events.

To help you be more knowledgeable about custom event signs and graphics, we’re put together this brief guide about signage and graphics.

Benefits of Using Event Signage

When you consider signage for your upcoming event, you’ll want to know the top benefits of event signage. Here are some of the top uses of event signage and how they can help you with your event:

1. Event Promotion

To generate awareness for your event and encourage people to come, you’ll want to use event graphics and signs. Before your event begins, you know just how important it is to get people excited to go to it. One of the best ways to do this is to have signage and graphics placed in locations that will be seen by your target audience. Well-placed signs will get people interested in your event and increase the chances of them attending.

2. Customized Decorations

Once the event begins, signage and graphics can provide needed decorations around the event space. With attractive event graphics, you’ll adorn the walls, floors and other pertinent locations with designs that brand the space as your own. Your attendees will have a far more immersive experience, as the decorations will accent the area and build an ambiance.

3. Sponsorship Opportunities

If you plan to have sponsors for your event, custom event signage gives you the space and materials needed to offer sponsors the ability to advertise. Besides attractive graphics, you can place sponsored messages on your event signage. Sponsorships will help you make up any costs on your initial signage investment and can even help you make a profit. For the business savvy event planner, placing sponsored messages on their custom event signs is a no-brainer.

4. Wayfinding

Directional signs for events make sure that attendees know exactly where to go at the event. From the moment that attendees arrive at your event, wayfinding signs will help attendees be aware of where to park and how to find the entrance. Due to the signs’ helpful nature, attendees will have a positive experience from the moment they arrive, without feeling any confusion about how to find a particular section of the event. By preventing confusion, you’re setting your event up for success.

Top Event Signage Options

There are several types of signs commonly used for events today. Whether you need corporate event signage or something that feels more relaxed, the options below can be a perfect fit:


1. Event Graphics

A fairly overarching term, event graphics comprise several different kinds of graphics that signage experts often use for events. Some of the top examples include backlit signage, interactive or experiential graphics, temporary dance floors and step and repeat banners. Many of these signs and graphics will invite an attendee to take part in the event, letting them get the most out of what you’ve planned. By using event graphics, you make the most out of your signage and create a memorable event.

2. Banners

Both indoor and outdoor banners will stand out to your attendees and brand the event as your own. Outdoor banners can be hung over the front of your entrance, containing eye-catching imagery and messaging to welcome attendees. They can also be attached along the sides of buildings or off of lamp posts to make walkways more attractive and to generate attention for the event before it begins.

Along with their outdoor options, indoor banners can be hung over stages or placed in free-standing banners poles throughout the event. Interior banners can be used for both informational and aesthetic purposes, causing them to be a favorite among event planners.

3. Decals

If you’re renting out an event space or only need temporary signage, custom decals are one of the best options available to event planners today. Decals can be placed on a variety of surfaces, such as floors, walls and windows. Their versatility makes them a popular option among event planners who are looking to improve the appearance of their event without breaking the bank. They can be easily applied and removed from surfaces as well, but they don’t sacrifice their durability in the process.

4. Wall Murals

Wall murals are one of the most intricate and beautiful types of event graphics available to companies today. These wall murals allow event planners to place their signature on the event space. On them, you can display your organizational culture, highlight the purpose of your event, show the past successes of your company and much more. As event signage goes, they offer some of the highest returns in terms of appearing professional while also showcasing your company’s personality.

5. Event Tents

For events being held outdoors or indoors on a large conference room floor, custom event tents provide a great deal of value to organizations that use them. Branded tents for events are an ideal choice for those who need to section off certain areas of event space and draw attention to them. Along with their canopies, some event tents can have sidewalls, meaning that you’ll have a large canvas to display your message and branded graphics.

Event tents are an especially appealing option for those who are hosting an event outdoors, as they can help to keep staff members cool and in the shade on a hot day. Additionally, they can be also be used outdoors to set up specialty areas, such as a medical tent, concessions area, VIP lounge and staff meeting “room,” among other options. Whether they’re used indoors or outdoors, a branded tent provides significant functional value, without sacrificing its visual appeal.

Add Custom Event Signage to Your Event With Express Print

The best event planners know how attractive, on-brand signage can transform an event, making it an unforgettable experience for those attending. To get the best quality signage on the market today, consider working with Express Print.

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