Express Print: Enhancing Your Vision with Customized Templates

We're the business print specialists

Express Print: Enhancing Your Vision with Customized Templates

At Express Print, we understand the importance of a seamless and efficient design process. We strive to empower our clients by providing a range of carefully crafted templates that cater to a variety of banners and other products. Our templates serve as a valuable tool, allowing you to envision and create your designs with precision and accuracy.

Why Use Our Templates?

1. Simplified Design Process:

Our templates simplify the design phase, offering a ready-to-use foundation for your creative ideas. With predefined dimensions and layout, you can focus on refining your design elements rather than worrying about technical specifications.

2. Optimal Fit for Every Product:

Each template is meticulously designed to perfectly fit our range of banners and other products. Whether it’s a gazebo, sharkfin banner, telescopic banner, or any other item in our catalog, our templates ensure a perfect fit, saving you time and effort in adjusting designs.

3. Efficiency and Time Savings:

By utilizing our templates, you streamline your design process, enabling faster turnaround times. Avoid the hassle of starting from scratch and achieve a professional design quickly, allowing you to meet tight deadlines with ease.

4. Guided Layout and Structure:

Our templates provide a guided layout and structure, helping you organize your content in a visually appealing and balanced manner. From fonts to graphics, everything is positioned optimally for maximum impact.

How to Utilize Our Templates:

  1. Request a Template: Reach out to our team to request the specific template for the product you intend to design. We will promptly provide you with the necessary template files and guidelines.

  2. Customize and Personalize: Open the template in your preferred design software and start customizing. Replace placeholders with your own text, images, and branding elements while ensuring that your design aligns within the provided dimensions.

  3. Review and Finalize: Carefully review your design, ensuring it meets your requirements and aligns with our printing guidelines. Make any necessary adjustments for the perfect finishing touch.

  4. Submit for Printing: Once you’re satisfied with your design, simply send the finalized file back to us for printing. Our team will take it from there, ensuring your vision comes to life in vibrant, high-quality print.

Express Print is committed to providing exceptional design solutions and outstanding customer experiences. Our templates are just one of the many ways we support you in bringing your creative vision to reality. Let’s collaborate and create stunning banners and products that truly represent your brand and message.


We're the business print specialists

Please supply the artwork in the colors that you require it to be printed in. The client needs to specify where they would like to have the perforated line, artwork needs to start 20mm away from the side they would like to have perf’d. Please supply artwork in pdf format. Alternatively, we can quote on layout and design. The client needs to be clear as to what files he/she has in order for us to quote accurately.

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