T-Shirt Printing, Next Day delivery

Express Print  was established in 2008 and are proud to be a leading garment decorator. We have brand T-shirts and clothing using printing or embroidery techniques. Our art and design is done in house at a minimum charge. For embroidery designs we also do in house digitising at a minimum fee and we are capable of printing 1 shirt to 1,000’s of shirts, caps, golf shirts, jackets or whatever your need. We print or embroider on our items or those you prefer to supply.


T-Shirt Printing

We’ve had the privilege to work with some of the largest names in the business and have established a reputation for a fast and reliable service. We deliver garments all over South Africa on a daily basis.

This is the most common technique for printing T-shirts. A screen is made for each colour that one wants to be printed onto every side of the shirt that you want printed. The screen has an open area’ of where the ink is allowed to go through and be applied to the shirt, cap or whatever is being printed. Once printed the printed garment is cured in a heat tunnel or heat press so that the image will not wash out or fade. We can print up to 8 spot colours and will shortly upgrading that to an unlimited amount. We also print full colour using the CMYK process system ,simulated process system or index system. Our art and design is done in house at no charge. For embroidery designs we also do in house digitising at no cost. For light garments we are able to use a soft ink that has a soft touch or soft hand feel to it and it penetrates within the garment. With darker garments we need to use a more opaque ink that needs to sit more on the surface of the garment. This can give a more plastic type feel to it but there are ways of making it feel softer. We are also able to print a discharge ink onto dark items leaving a very soft feel to the shirt. When we use this process we almost bleach out just the area of the shirt we want printed so that that particular area returns to its natural cotton colour. We then print just that area with a soft ink so that the end result is a printed t-shirt with a very soft feel to it. For this process the garment must be 100% cotton and it need to be dyed using a reactive dye. We are able to supply these shirts or you may supply your own.

We silk screen T-shirts, golf shirts, sports bags, corporate gifts using one or more of the following inks.

  • Plastisol inks
  • Water based inks
  • Plastisol discharge printing
  • Water based discharge printing
  • Vinyl inks
  • Nylon inks.


Have designs you want to print on some garments? Send them our way and lets get started. Otherwise we have awesome designers to assist at an hourly rate.


Our state of the art industrial (DTG) digital printers are used to create retail quality garments and the possibilities are endless. We make use of high quality eco friendly inks that penetrates the garments resulting in a soft feel.


With different delivery options at affordable prices to get your order safely delivered to your door within your deadlines. Express shipping or economy?

We cater to anyone that needs one or a few high quality t-shirts as we have no minimums and no set up fees. Unlike screen printing you can make use of unlimited colours in your design at no extra cost!

t-shirt printing

Birthday parties, weddings, cycling and sporting events, festivals, family reunion t-shirts, just to name a few that we can customize t-shirts for that special occasion.

There’s no arguing t-shirts are one of, if not the most common, clothing staple worldwide with each of us having at least a handful of them in our cupboards.

What we commonly know as the t-shirt today dates back many centuries when the modern trending “onesie” was separated into two, allowing the t-shirt to come into existence.

With its name deriving from the shape of its outline, this seemingly undervalued and uninteresting item of clothing has become somewhat of a promotional hit and proves to be the cream of the crop in terms of comfort.

The very first promotional t-shirt was printed in 1939 for The Wizard Of Oz and has since gained popularity and success across a multitude of industries with custom t-shirts famously sporting text or quotes in nearly every country and city across the globe.

Branded t-shirts are known to famously display logos or pop culture trends and have been favoured by many artists for the ways in which it sells to their loyal followers, giving rise to custom t-shirt printing and the benefits it brings to the promotional market.

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