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Express Print Casino Graphics Designs

The flashing lights! The whirring sounds! The thrill of the winning bet — and the cheers and applause from others’ when they witness it. Casinos are a place where people let their hair down and get lost in the moment. Custom casino graphics from Express Print ensure you set the most memorable scene — all while staying true to your brand.

Express Print Casino Graphics Designs

Express Print’s network of visual communication studios is ready to translate ideas for your establishment into high-impact, ultra-curated custom signage products. Explore our catalog of large-format graphics made to hit the jackpot on brand representation, including:

Casino Signage

There’s never a dull moment in your casino — so, why should your establishment settle for a dull array of signs? Those core pieces of informational, directional and advertising graphics help put your best foot forward while representing your professionalism with cohesive, high-quality prints, text and design.

Express Print can create a complete series of custom indoor and outdoor signage. Relevant signage products for casinos include:

  • Corporate branding signs
  • Contour-cut signage and dimensional projects
  • Directional/wayfinding signs
  • Banners and flags
  • And more

As one of the country’s few G7 Master Qualified large-format printers, Express Print maintains some of the strictest, highest protocols for color and design accuracy. Your casino gets the glitzy, glamorous, professional suite of signs it needs from studios located in your city’s backyard.

Backlit Graphics

LED backlit graphics take casino signage to the next level. Bright and flashy as your casino’s gaming floor, these specialty fixtures use custom sign frames, LED-integrated lights and exchangeable fabric overlays to create your knockout, glowing graphics. Guests won’t miss any messages flashing across a backlit graphic’s surface.

Window Graphics

Express Print’s window graphics are versatile and visually stunning. From sticker-like decals installed on strategic windows and panes to full-blown, corner-to-corner architectural glass film finishes, window graphics elevate the look and feel of a space with precision.

These unique graphics also add privacy to windows and glass doors. Add decals and glass finishes to external windows and administrative office areas. Both allow natural light to permeate, while the frosted or etched film boosts comfortable privacy without boxing anyone in.

Wall Murals

Wall-to-wall murals bring larger-than-life pieces to your larger-than-life casino experience. Few graphics carry the same visual impact as these oversized custom wall murals, hand-curated to enliven your space.

Wall murals look best in casino lobbies, hallways and on accent walls. Choose from high-resolution, blown-up photography to custom computer-rendered images to stretch across your space with Express Print’s color-matching capabilities within 95% of the CMYK Pantone standards. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures crisp, clear large-format graphics explicitly designed for wall applications — and to make the inside or outside of your casino even more memorable.

Floor Graphics

Step up the aesthetics of your casino’s sprawling floors with customized floor decals, designed for this specific application. Featuring eye-catching icons, pictures, text and more, casino floor graphics can spread on-brand communications, direct traffic, advertise upcoming events or display quirky and humorous messages. Floor graphics’ durable gloss or matte laminate protects the integrity of the design throughout the years, ensuring you get the most from these high-traffic, high-impact visuals.

Step-and-Repeat Banners

Go all-out with experiential graphics at your casino using fun, festive step-and-repeat banners, set up for guest photo-taking opportunities. These graphics mirror Hollywood red carpets, ready with branded backdrops for people to “step-up” and snap a selfie or group photo. The canvas sheet stretches to perfectly frame participants, providing the ideal background for goofy, stylish, celebratory and candid photo moments — all while subtly showcasing your casino’s brand.

Elevator Wraps

Pillar and elevator wraps extend your casino’s vibrant atmosphere into every corner. Wrap supportive vertical beams and pillars necessary to support the sprawling ceilings of your casino. Express Print’s premier elevator wraps ensure brand imagery brightens and embellishes every part of your casino. Elevator wraps are available in full and partial designs for you to choose from, including covers for interior doors, exterior doors, cab walls and custom elevator floor decals.

Directional Signage

Partner with Express Print studios for your complete array of directional and wayfinding casino signage. Create cohesive wall-mounted, suspended or stationed signs ushering guests toward restaurants, bars, gaming floors, conference areas, hotel lodging, entertainment venues and more. With SpeedPro, form meets function with these specialty regulatory signs. All directional signage designs maintain ADA compliance for size, clarity and visibility — plus, they can be installed indoors or out.

Benefits of Custom Casino Signs

Custom casino signs are an essential part of branding your establishment. Yet, that’s not the only benefit they bring to your business — custom signs also:


Create an Immersive Experience

Guests step foot into casinos expecting a festive, fun and lively atmosphere. Whether they’re taking a break from the mundanes of daily life, going out for a night with friends or celebrating a major personal milestone, exceed their expectations with bold, flashy graphics, signaling it’s time to let their hair down.

Make Your Brand Larger Than Life

Custom casino signs enhance the signature visual experience of your establishment. Treat your guests to eye-catching and memorable visuals at every corner. Plus, a single dynamic printing partner like Express Print assures a cohesive set of casino graphics for any current or future signage needs.

Help You Advertise Tactfully

Advertisements don’t always need to scream a hard sell. In fact, the most successful marketing triggers an emotional reaction within its audience. From excitement to nostalgia, reprieve to adventure, use your casino graphics to connect with guests in an authentic, engaging way.

Better yet, use one of the nation’s premier printing partners to curate on-brand signs and graphics — then go above and beyond with your food, drinks, services, games and, last but not least, visual atmosphere.

Build Brand Recall and Customer Retention

There are lots of casinos out there. Distinguish yourself from the competition with an establishment that looks and feels a cut above the rest. Cohesive, professional, large-format visuals signal your attention to detail and commitment to hosting the most attractive and entertaining casino.

Brand Your Casino With Custom Express Print Graphics

Your casino prides itself on providing an exceptional experience for everyone who strolls through your doors. Do so with cohesive, professional signs from Express Print.

Reach out to the G7 Master Qualified printers at Express Print to get started designing your new custom casino graphics.

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