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Become a Reseller

For over 15 years Express Print has looked after re sellers. Whether you are a broker, an advertising or marketing agency or event organizer, we give you the tools so you can add new and unique products to your portfolio which can help you win new customers and expand your product offering. Many of our products are patented and trademarked, not only does this protect us, it protects you as the re seller as well.

WHY CHOOSE Express Print?

Since inception, we have brought to the market products people have not seen before and have led the way with product innovation, quality of print, and last but by no means least, customer service. People buy from people. It’s about service, under promising and always over delivering from one rush order to another. As an authorized re seller you get a complete re seller price list, many companies do not do this. You get complete indoor and outdoor broker versions of all our products. Simply add your logo and contact details on and send out to your customer base.

Our state of the art, self-owned facility based in Sandton is home to our dream team, 30 staff members who are always willing to go the extra mile. With over 45 products to choose from, Express Print provides a complete visual display solution for the local and international Corporate, Exhibition, Communication, Event, Advertising and End User Industries. Our ability to customize products when the need arises as well as being able to tailor-make marketing material to suit customer needs is what defines us as a flexible branding partner. As innovators of creative branding concepts, we are continually working on improving our existing products and designs. 



So, how do you sign up?

  • Download and complete our re seller application form.
  • Download and print signature form, scan and email to us.
  • Tell us a bit of what you do, where do you struggle, what products really interest you.

We’ll cross-check your details and get back to you. If you have any questions feel free to drop us a mail on:


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We're the business print specialists

At Express Print, we have 10 years experience in the print industry, building a reputation for fast, personalised service and high quality print and design. Our print facilities, design skills and service levels have helped thousands of businesses grow. And with Centres across the country, you have access to a print specialist close to you.

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