Custom Notebook Printing

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Custom Notebook Printing

Custom Notebook Printing South Africa

We offer affordable notebook printing services with no minimum order delivered South Africa wide. Customise your paper stock and binding options for the finish you need. Pages can be printed with perfect edge trim for decorative designs which go off the edge of the paper.

When it comes to writing or adding highlighter to your printed journal or weekly planner pages, we have the appropriate uncoated stock options available. Never print satin or gloss coated paper for anything you need to add text to as the coating with cause the writing to smudge. Highlighter will also soak into the uncoated paper but rub completely off of anything with a coating.

Customise your planners and journal page content with free to design tools like: Canva, who offer brilliant design templates online. Simply choose your aesthetic and start customising in an instant. Premium version templates available and payment for those would be made directly to Canva on completion of the design, but you would select the PDF Print download option and order through our online portal. 

Notebook Printing Binding and Finishing Options

We can spiral bind, comb bind or wire bind your notebooks. Saddle Stitched booklets and Perfect Binding are also available..

Wire – choose from: silver, white or black 2:1 or 3:1 punch wire binding.

Coil – choose from: black or clear circle punch plastic coil (often also referred to as spiral bound)

Comb – offered in black comb and is a great option for much thicker notebooks or printed documents like journals which need to stay together.

Binder – The more expensive option with a 2 or 4 hole punch print, added to an insert binder of appropriate size. (tab printing also available) 


Custom Journal & Diary Printing and Notebook Options (With thicker covers)

Internal page of the notebook would be printed on uncoated grade paper of 100gsm or 150gsm for a thicker premium feel. By going above standard copy paper (80gsm), we prevent the image bleeding through to the other side of the paper.

You then have the choice of what style of cover you want. We offer thicker printed card stock covers (also with or without protective celloglaze laminate), or PVC plastic dust covers for front, back or both.

Please try ordering with us today! our quality and price cannot be beaten anywhere else in South Africa!

Glued Notepad Printing Sandton

Get notepad printing in any style you need with fast turn around times of 3-5days. Digitally printed notepads online, our notepads are printed in South Africa. 

Our glued notepads are printed in leave counts of either 25 or 50. We do offer any page count per book, but we would recommend the 25 or 50 leaves per book. You can print your notepads with a cover or have them start directly at the first tear off sheet.

Once a page is filled in, they can be torn clean from the pad stack. Our glue allows for this easy peel, meaning your page can remain intact and tear free.

Custom Notepad Printing South Africa

Our notepad printing can be ordered online in any custom style. We offer black and white notepads but also colour versions to include logos and branding. Notepads are glued at the top edge and each sheet (leave) can be torn off when finished with. Our custom notepads are great for:

– Docket Books – Notepads can be used as invoice / docket pads. Simply fill in the sheet with a pen or pencil with any of our uncoated stock options.
– Scorecards – Print in A6 or DL scorecard pads. Tear off at the end of each game and start fresh next round!
– Invoice books – Again, like docket books above, use our notepad product as a cheap invoice book solution.
– Branded Scribble pads – Add notepads to your marketing arsenal. Custom design lines for scribble pads but include your company logo for branding.
– Graph Pads – Do your notepads up as square grids for graphing. Similar to a scribble pad just with intent.
– Sign in Forms – Have a practice and require physical sign in sheets? Pad print these, perfect for a simple tear off per patient (including options for variable data)
– Board Game scorecard or scribble pad replacements – Does your board game include irreplaceable scorepads or writing pads? Easily replicate them here.

All our printing is produced here in South Africa. Choose a local small business like Express Print for your printing needs. We commit to fulfilling all orders Australia wide while also offering great turn around times for our Sandton clients. You can choose to pickup here in store or have them shipped to any Australian postcodes.

We're the business print specialists

Please supply the artwork in the colors that you require it to be printed in. The client needs to specify where they would like to have the perforated line, artwork needs to start 20mm away from the side they would like to have perf’d. Please supply artwork in pdf format. Alternatively, we can quote on layout and design. The client needs to be clear as to what files he/she has in order for us to quote accurately.

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